My Belief System : My Family And Community Essay

1918 Words Dec 9th, 2015 null Page
My belief system was built around and greatly influenced by my family and community, though it is ever changing due to the new things I experience every day. I developed many of my values through my religious beliefs. My family has raised me as a Church of the Nazarene Christian since I was born and that is the religion that identify with at this point in my life. Three values that stick out to me due to the importance of them are community, forgiveness and unconditional love. I also wholeheartedly believe in place and storytelling and though my feelings towards these values didn’t necessarily come from my religious beliefs, they definitely affect them. I think that I’m very open to learning about other religions and connecting with people of other religions, regardless of the differences. My family has always been deeply religious. My mother is now a big part of the church her mother raised her in which is the same church my grandmother was a big part of. I grew up hearing Mom sing solos in the choir and hearing about how Grandpa used to do the same while Grandma sang along from the pew in a very different, very off, key. We prayed before every Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner and shared it with the people that needed our love the most. Their faith was such an integral part of my childhood that it’d be impossible for me to not pick up at least some of it, let alone ignore it all together. Sometimes when I compare my religious commitment and strength to my family’s I…

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