Essay on My Belief System Has Influenced My Life

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How My Belief System has Influenced My Life
I would like you to take moment and clear your mind. The story I am about to share with you is one that has given me the ability to embrace the world around me through Gods’ eyes and not my own.
I was baptized at the age of five. God revealed my calling or purpose in life, which was to help heal the hearts and minds of others. I lived faithfully to the doctrine of Jesus Christ in his teaching “The Sermon On the Mount.” At the age of fourteen I broke my promise to God. I had promised to save my virtue for the man I was going to marry. I became engaged to an older man and gave my virtue to him. However, he did not marry me. This sent me spiraling down a destructive road. I had convinced myself that God could not love me after I broke my promise to him. My mother was very abusive to me mentally and physically. My mother viewed my sensitivity as a weakness rather, than as strength. It seemed my mother tried to beat the heart God created in me, out of me. This left me in a place of darkness and I just wanted to die and go home to God. I remember asking God how come I was born, if my mother did not have the ability to love me. At the age fifteen I nearly died from alcohol poisoning. I was in the half way place between life and death. I remember saying in my head, ok God I am ready to come home. At this point God spoke to me and said “My child this is not what I intended you to do with your life (referring to the drinking). Your mother…

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