My Behavioral Change Project : I Decided Change My Exercise Habits

1385 Words Dec 11th, 2016 6 Pages
For my behavioral change project, I decided to change my exercise habits. I wanted to begin a more active lifestyle. I wasn’t very active before this project and I wanted to change that. I knew I wanted to make that change because of family with heart issues. I knew that many other health issues could occur if I didn’t change my habits. I started out slowly with low intensity and low frequency of exercise and began to slowly build it up so that I could attain the routine for long after the semester ends. I wanted to get closer to or even achieve a healthier weight for my age and size to reduce the risk of several diseases. Added onto this, I began eating healthier to make the exercise more effective and balance my energy intake and expenditure.
At the beginning of this behavioral project, I wasn’t very physically active. I hardly ever exercised aside from the usual walking around on campus. Over the semester, I changed my habits. I began to work out more often, for longer periods of time. Throughout the process, I reached other goals. At first, my goal was just to exercise more often and begin building a regular routine. Throughout the process, I was able to begin working my way to a healthy weight, while also being able to maintain that healthy weight. The long-term goals of this project for me were as stated previously—to start the habit of exercising and then reach and maintain a healthy weight.
This behavioral change was anything but easy. I faced several obstacles…

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