My Behavior Change Pl Weight Loss Essay

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My Behavior Change Plan: Weight Loss
Heidy Velasquez
California State University, Fresno

I. “How Healthy Are You?” Assessment Results
After completing my “How Healthy Are You?” assignment, I noticed that my weak areas were in the physical and environmental health area. In both areas I managed to score 13 points. My physical health score was low, because of my tendency to skip the gym. Therefore, it became obvious to me I wanted to improve my physical health. I choose physical health rather than environmental health, because I feel physical health is more vigorous and since I have a family history of obesity/ overweight. Although I am aware that my environmental health needs improvement, I feel physical health is a priority to a reduce health diseases. Lately, I do not go to the gym, lack to exercise, and have gained extra weight which is very unhealthy. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I believe exercising is the key to maintain a healthy weight. Once setting a realistic goal concerning weight management, I will manage to greatly advance my physical health. Thus, for my behavior change paper, my ultimate goal is to lose 10 pounds no later than December by attending the gym weekly for 4 hours and jugging for 30 minutes daily. However, I plan to increase my time jogging to 45 minutes if my body can handle. Overall I am determined to see a healthier Heidy.
II. Background of the Problem
It is essential to exercise to maintain a healthy weight. An…

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