My Basketball Coach Senior Year Essay

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The person I decided to interview was Brian McIntosh, my basketball coach senior year. Last year was his first year coaching at my school, and prior to that he was an assistant coach at Emporia State University. Using his expertise in the sport and leadership skills McIntosh took my team who had struggled the previous season, and gave them one last, successful season. He changed the atmosphere of the program, and that year held the best record my school’s girls’ basketball team had seen in a long time. When I conducted my interview, McIntosh and I discussed over the phone Sunday evening, September 18, for around 20 minutes. To start out the interview I asked him who he felt had the most impact into his leadership. When his response to me was his parents it was hardly a surprise for the family man. He revealed me that the way his parents raised him and the values they instilled was the way he lived by and used when he leads others. I urged him to expand on what his values were, and I had to laugh when he repeated back to me three things he said every day in practice when I played for him: hard work, dedication, love and faith. He continued by differentiating himself from Bill Snyder, who was his example of another great leader. While McIntosh respected him and the way he leads he told me he could never be able to replicate Snyder, that’s not who he is. It is important to learn the way you lead best because there is not only one way. When I played for McIntosh he had just…

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