My Basketball Bag : How It Affects Our Lives? Essay

1059 Words Feb 18th, 2016 5 Pages
Each and everyone of us carries some things, either physically or emotionally, with us through our lives. Sometimes this baggage we carry may change as the years go on. Getting lighter, heavier, disappearing, or even appearing out of nowhere. Some of us carry around heavy, while others may prefer light. However, everyone’s baggage means something entirely different to them as it would to another. Whether the things you may carry are big or small, they will never affect and individual the same way they have to you. After all, this luggage tends to be the things that have dramatically impacted our lives. Changing us for the better, or maybe even the worse. Each and everyone of us carries around somethings different. For me, I carry around my basketball bag, my violin, and the motivation to conquer the unthinkable. The first item I carry around is my basketball bag, either in my hand like a grocery bag, or around my shoulder like a winning sash. However, there’s more to it than just its light orange fabric and white lettering. For the best things are found in the inside. For example, my black and white Nike basketball shoes, keeping my feet on the ground and not my knees. Squeaking as I touch my foot to the line and turn to quickly sprint back to the baseline. Also, my jersey, not just one, but two, showing my number so the refs can record all of those fouls of mine. Besides the things in it, the places my bag takes me every day are almost identical to the last. Practice then…

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