My Autobiography Of Migrating To The United States

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Migrating to a new country is a very difficult transition for a child. Two months before my seventh birthday, my brother and I, traveled from Jamaica to Miami. Prior to this, we lived with our mother, however, she made the difficult decision to send her children to live with our dad and grandmother. Years after, she explains that she made this decision to give my brother and me the opportunity to get a better education and ultimately a better life. Although it was a difficult decision, fast forwarding thirty years her dreams for me has definitely been fulfilled.

Attending in the United States took a lot of adjustments, I really had a difficult time with every subject except math, and found it difficult to make friends. Although, making friends became much easier, my love for learning did not develop until many years later. It was not until my eighth grade year of middle school that I found myself being successful in school. I attributed this change to teachers who did not allow mediocrity and challenged me
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At this point of my teaching career, I was a developing teacher. However, I was fortunate to have great colleagues and an independent spirit, which eventually helped me to develop as a teacher. While teaching, I went back to the University of Florida to get a master’s degree in elementary education, and I finished this degree in 2009. After four years teaching third grade, I spent one year as a Title 1 intervention teacher, then three years as a fifth-grade teacher. As a fifth grade teacher, I matured and gained more confidence as an educator. As a fifth grade teacher, I expanded my résumé by serving on several committees, including the Reading Textbook Committee, and Math Pacing Guide Development Committee. I was also the Safety Patrol sponsor, Professional Develop school contact, Technology Site Tech and department head. These experiences helped in my personal growth as a

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