My Autobiography : My Autobiography Of My English Learning

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Once upon a time, there was a girl whose first language was Arabic. When she was a kid, she admired anyone who could speak English. She had a dream of speaking English one day. As a result, she had a strong desire to learn English. This girl is me, Eman. I am starting my language learning autobiography as a story because stories always have value, and are worth a lot to someone. My English learning autobiography expand several stages of my life: elementary, middle, high school, college, and my career as an English teacher in the United States. My journey to speak Arabic has been a combination of both my family origin. I was born in the United States; while I frequently traveled to Egypt with my parents, before they decided to live there permanently. I learned to speak Arabic first. As children, my siblings and I were forbidden from speaking English at home. My mother’s reasoning was that we will learn English because we live in the United States; Arabic was taught and spoken at home. As suggested, Cummins (2000) states: "Conceptual knowledge developed in one language helps to make input in the other language comprehensible." If a child already understands the concepts of "justice" or "honesty" in their own language, all they should do is acquire the label for these terms in English.

Arabic is in the Semitic language family; hence its grammar is very different from English. Arabic has 28 consonants and 8

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