My Attention Towards The Leadership Tutorial Task Essay

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I am choosing to focus my attention towards the leadership tutorial task. I have the personal opinion that leadership is a critical component of a good manager, and a quality all managers should possess to be successful in their roles. I am already a manager in an organisation and acknowledge that leadership is critical to leading a successful team. It is of my personal opinion that the tutorial task was effective in developing my understanding of leadership theories by understanding the characteristics that lead to superior performance.

Review (300-400 words)

The tutorial task I am conducting this reflection on is the competency perspective of leadership. As such, this includes the personal characteristics that lead to superior performance in a leadership role. This tutorial task also draws reference to trait theories being the seven leadership competencies which include emotional intelligence, integrity, drive, leadership motivation, self-concept, intelligence and knowledge of the business.

However, it is clear that there are limitations present with regards to the competency perspective. As it implies a universal approach, some competencies might not be useful in all situations. This may mean that some competencies may not apply towards all positions and/or occupations. Further, alternative combinations of competencies might work just as well. This theory also assumes that leadership is within the person, however it is clear that leadership is much more broad than…

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