My Assessment of Brodsky’s Performance Essay examples

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Wolfgang Keller at Konigsbrau-TAK (A)

1) What is your assessment of Brodsky’s performance? Please be specific.

One of the main problems regarding Brodsky’s performance that I saw was the amount of time that Keller said it took Brodsky to complete tasks. While Keller did explain Brodsky’s adeptness in his ability to redesign the sales force organization and the development of a comprehensive set of information and control systems, proving he is capable of good work. The problem comes when we learn how long it took him to do this. It took him 6 months to create even with intervention by Keller to speed up the process. An additional concern is that Keller saw that Brodsky would not make an attempt to complete something when it had an
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Secondly, is to try again to help Brodsky improve his performance. Finally, the last option would be to try and reorganize around Brodsky in an attempt to compensate for his inadequacies by means of things like splitting up the marketing and sales areas. I feel the most effective approach would be reorganizing around Brodsky to help fit his style. If Keller is more attentive and careful in the way he guides Brodsky, he may be able to help without firing him. 4) What are the implications for Keller’s development as a leader?

The implications in relation to Keller’s development as a leader is negatively affected because of Brodsky’s disrespect in regards to the feedback Keller has given him both verbally and in writing during his annual review. Additionally, Keller’s development may also be hindered because if Brodsky’s areas of responsibility do not change for the better, this affects Keller’s performance negatively because Keller is ultimately responsible for Brodsky’s actions. Finally, in order for Keller to continue his development as a leader, Brodsky needs to be akin to the feedback that he receives from his subordinates and make sure that he is acting more as a mentor and less as a dictator. For Keller to continue being a leader he must take action to ensure Brodsky is not negatively affecting the company. Therefore, he needs to

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