My As A Teacher And Mentor At The University Of North Carolina

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My mentors during undergraduate and professional training taught me that learning is a process of personal growth. As a teacher and mentor at the University of North Carolina, I have come to appreciate the profound impact that my own teachers and mentors had on this process. It is now clear to me that I succeeded most when my teachers developed an interactive, safe, and intellectually stimulating mentoring environment. By allowing me to ask questions and attempt to answer those questions myself, they pushed me to flourish as a student, understand the process of learning, and develop as a person. I now try to stimulate my trainees in the same fashion, urging them to identify the basic questions they have and to engage in the pursuit of answers to these questions. My mentoring philosophy can most simply be summarized as follows: 1) individualize each student’s learning experience and 2) encourage students to think about science as a process.

My goal of individualized learning is aimed at developing a learning environment that is open and comfortable and where trainees are able to ask questions, make mistakes, and challenge themselves. This is the environment in which personal growth and development are most likely to be successful. In order to create this environment, a sense of mutual respect must be established, which usually produces a comfortable learning environment, encourages the discussion of ideas, and establishes an open attitude toward learning. Once this…

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