My Area Of Interest Is Forensic Psychology Essay

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My area of interest is Forensic Psychology. Forensic Psychology is described as “the professional practice by psychologists within the areas of clinical psychology, counseling psychology, [and] school psychology…engaged as experts…in an activity primarily intend to provide professional psychological expertise to the judicial system” (Cherry, 2015). This field involves being knowledgeable to legal issues and legal codes and having the ability to translate them into psychological concepts. Persons in this field do not necessarily have to obtain a degree in forensic psychology, in fact many persons in this field have degrees in clinical, counseling or experimental psychology. In Addition to legal issues and regulations, Forensic Psychologist must also be knowledgeable about the differences in forensic and experimental psychology. For instance, in the forensics field, rather than studying human behavior and evaluating, forensics psychologist must validate and verify a person’s report or statements. In order to validate a person’s testimony, it is encouraged to get information from outside sources such as previous jobs and managers, and relationships or leisure activities. A forensics expert may specialize in investigating child abuse reports, settling child custody battles, conducting visitation assessments, evaluating the mental competency of criminals in court, and providing assessments of juvenile and adult offenders.
Two theories commonly used within the forensic psychology…

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