My Aphorism: My Art Of Life

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My Art of Life
I, ERIC MANGRAM believe that the Art of Life is winning isn`t everything, but wanting to win is by Vince Lombardi. It is this way because you should always see yourself being successful in careers that you want to be the best you can be in. Hence it is motive to go by in order to have better things in your life such as housing, automobiles, and education. Therefore it is the best aphorism to go by due to its meaning which tells the one reading it that by using this aphorism you can better develop your life as a person. These are five factors that I think that define laws of life that define people such as myself to reach their highest level of success.
Being a risk-taker, you have to sacrifice certain things in order to win the game of life. One day when I received a message from a friend that he had bought a new video game, that I had been awaiting to play I quickly told him I was on my way but, I had to study for a test that was happening the following day I had to choose between the game and
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Last year when I was a freshman I had started my first year of high school football at Marietta I was excited for the season but a few weeks went by and I had already been failing class I never went to tutoring or did any homework assignments then I had a reality check because my coach had a meeting with me that’s when I started getting A`s, B`s, and C`s and I passed to get to my second semester as a freshman I had beaten my own laziness to pass I felt like a winner. The lesson I had learned was to not stop studying so I can past test and go to the next grade and not be a failure but something greater. And one of my questions are if you have a balanced life does that mean that you are destined for success or for failure in life? As well as if you are balanced would you know how to balance problems and other situations that stop you from

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