Essay about My Analysis Of Mother Tongue By Amy Tan

769 Words Apr 29th, 2016 4 Pages
In my analysis of Mother Tongue by Amy Tan, I intend to present my claim looking closer at the perception of Limited-English speakers. This will contribute to helping readers understand the different dialects used around us on a daily basis. Bringing this awareness makes us more aware how we communicate, and how we react while others are communicating with us. Providing an overall easier experience for both parties. If you are speaking to someone where it may seem difficult to understand them, taking your time with them, putting a little effort, not to make them feel as though they are less of a person than you are due to their English style. With her experiences for her mother’s “Broken” English, shows us that even these families struggle with different dialects. Maybe this awareness can help us on passing judgments to individuals where their English seems “broken”.
My three key points are Amy Tan’s love of language which she spends a fair amount of her time learning and understanding languages. Even after her boss at the time expressed writing was not her strongest skill. The power that languages gave her, to overcome these challenges. She comes to ultimately master in languages which is her tool of trade. The discrimination she has witnessed over the years. The treatment her mother had received, going to stores or banks. People not understanding her mother, and not servicing her for it. These 3 areas are reflected on her looking closer at perceiving the Limited-English…

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