My American Dream Essay: My Journey To The United States

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America is country f diversity, people come from all over the world to experience The United States. Some leave, others stay to pursue their American dream. My American dream is to be able to help my family, my community, and the entire world. However, just like the first western immigrant experienced a lot of difficulties when they landed on the American soil, my journey in the United states has being full of challenges. Starting in childhood, I have experience extreme emotional challenges. Nevertheless, it was nothing compared to the ones I experienced when I moved to the United States.
I am originally from Cameroon, in central Africa. Me and my five siblings were raised by a single mother. As a child, we strived very hard to be able to satisfy
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Luckily, after the obtaining of my Baccalaureate, I was selected go to the United States continue my studies by a company that helps youth with financial needs to continue their studies. Then before I could even realize it, I got admitted to an English program the University of Arlington Texas. I then moved to the United States when I was 18 to continue my education, leaving my family and friends. It was a very difficult decision to make, but I knew it was the only way I could accomplish my dreams and help the people I …show more content…
I knew that feeling do down all the time will interfere with my ability to reach my full potential. Thus I would not be able to pass my classes. Thankfully, met a number of instructor s that understood my situation and advises me on ways to deal with it. Soon, I will be part of the International club and the French club, of which I immediately became the Vice President. Later, I joined Phi theta kappa, The Student Ambassador Program, and the Men of Color mentoring program. Since I have always been a fan of community life, those organizations helped me experience the American culture and understand how to interact with people. Adding to that, my love of community service was of great help in overcoming my challenges. I started participating to volunteer’s events both on and off campus. And whenever I was not able to attend the events, I would do everything I could to be helpful. My participation in clubs has enriched my experience of the American culture. I overcame my cultural shock and communication challenges. My involvement in clubs has also made me discover many ways to become involve in my community which is something that is very important for me. Because of my involvement and the love of what I did, I was elected the Vice President of Fundraising of the Phi Theta Kappa Phi Tau Chapter. This leadership position helped me enhance my leadership skills and perspective. I do not

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