Why I Chose My Education

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As a teen, I didn’t have a role-model within my family that I can replicate in terms of education. As a son of a mother of four and a father that abandoned the family, I only had my own ambitions to cultivate my own education. The environment that I grew up in wasn’t the kind of environment where others sought to enhance the love for something. The challenge was that as a kid I would have to cultivate a love for something in an environment that didn’t have anyone to guide me on the right path. Thanks to this I’m the person I’m now, as without this environment I would never have become the person I am now. Through the cultivation of my own ambitions in education I choose to learn of what I loved, even if it did take away for some time my …show more content…
Each time I write an essay I know that I’m not just turning in an assignment for a grade, but I’m voicing my ideas, and opinions. My major being English, I’m consistently brought a different topic to voice my opinion on, be it about politics, society, and philosophy. Essentially, I don’t see any of the assignments that I’ve been given as a tedious process of getting closer to getting my degree or the precursor of my real work, but as a practice of what I hope to be doing and teaching. My major is not something I see as an avenue to a cushy job or to a career that’ll bring me sustenance, but an avenue to reach a position where I can elevate myself to the positions of authors and teachers where I can do what they did for me. As an adolescent teen, I grew to respect my teachers and see the authors that I would read as an example of what kind of person I want to become. I don’t hope to mimic them, but I hope to become a better version of myself through the same avenue that they became what they are, authors and teachers. This idea is the reason of why I think I’m a unique candidate for your school, and that is not to take away from other students that may be unique. I believe that my love for learning and the idea that one day I can make certain that my students won’t see education as a tedious process of becoming what they want to become, …show more content…
My creativity flourishes within my writings as they are the concentration of all my creativity where words draw upon my imagination. When given a topic to write an essay, my creativity draws upon my imagination to create the structure of my essay, without my creativity my essays would be bland and without structure. Each one of my essays goes further into the topic and what topics might stem from the given topic, such as a research on Private Prisons, lead me to write about the Privatization of our Government which was helmed by the President Ronald Reagan. My initial essay was simple private prisons, but with the use of creativity I expanded the essay to answer the question of private prisons manifestation and its place in Ronald Reagans presidency. My creativity is an extension of my imagination, and without my creativity my imagination would be all for nothing as my creativity is what applies my imagination to real world applications. My creativity in my future career will be applied to becoming an Author and finding ways to help students cultivate their own creativity. As an English major, everything I have written and will write draws upon creativity from wordplay, poetry, and

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