Computer Science Personal Statement

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The interminable technological development in the field of computer science and engineering has opened up a progressive path to a gamut of research opportunities. Also to excel in today's rapidly changing field of Computer Science, and to realize the acme of one's potential in the field of research in information technology, one must possess an equilibrium of theoretical as well as practical knowledge. After perusing my personal interests, past education and work experience, I have decided to pursue masters in computer science. And it is with sincere regards that I am providing a summary of my research interests, career ambitions and past academic record in this statement-of-purpose essay.

First, I would like to present my personal, educational and professional performance that envisage success for me in future undertakings. All throughout the twelve years of my school life, I was able to achieve a consistently good academic record and I was always amongst the top two
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My father has been a strong motivator and key to my successful career. Since my family was of very modest means, my grandmother and father had to go through ordeals to earn the bare necessaries of everyday life. But on the contrary, the financial depression and consistent want strengthened my father's resolve for gaining higher education. Today he is at the end of a long, hard-working career but still can't bear to be idle for a single day. It is his dedication and strong will, because of which I am profoundly motivated to pursue my interests in higher education and research in computer science. Also upon scrutinizing my academic qualification, penchant for research and work experience the decision to further pursue education also came naturally to me. This decision is also in-line with my eventual professional aspiration to to pursue research career in computing

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