My Am Thankful I Am Alive

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I am thankful I am alive. Sure, that’s what everybody says but when I say it I mean it. I should have been dead two times just in the last month. No I am not dying of cancer or anything like that. I am suffering from Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder and they are kicking my butt.
I have been hospitalized two times in the last couple months because I was going to kill myself. The first time was in October. I was a full-time college student with two, part time jobs. I went to the doctor and counselor at school and I was started on Zoloft for the anxiety and depression I was experiencing. That made things worse, but I didn’t want to tell anyone. That is until Murphy’s law took effect. At the beginning of the year I was fine but as the assignments and due date approached and I was no longer to write two plus papers a week and read three different books while trying to learn another language. Not to mention I had lost most of my friends when I realized my roommate was using me and I cut her off. She then spread what happened all around the school. I joined several clubs to get my mind off what happened like Student Ambassadors where I gave tours every Friday and the schools newspaper which I had to write a story each week for all the while being the president of the nerd club with my ex-friends.
Then my car broke down. I could no longer get to and from one of my jobs. I was forced to call in several times and the other times I had to beg rides from my

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