My Adventure : Habitat Trip Essay

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Most teenagers would not be excited to give up their phone for a week so that they could live with a group of teenagers whom they had never met previously so that they could spend time during their summer vacation doing service while at school; however, that is exactly what I and each of the other participants on my Adventure WV Habitat trip did at the end of this June. I really enjoyed this trip because although most people could not imagine spending a week disconnected from technology, I actually found it to be refreshing, and I found that it helped me to stay more engaged with the activities of the trip as well as with the other participants. During our time spent helping out at the Habitat for Humanity worksite, I was able to learn how to perform new skills and learn more about the people who I worked with. Although the work itself was not always enjoyable, I enjoyed the feeling of being able to help someone who is not as fortunate as I am and I also enjoyed getting to know my future classmates better. Besides our time spent at our worksite, I enjoyed the time that we spent exploring and learning about WVU 's campus during our classes and free time each night. The added bonuses of our day spent exploring the state of West Virginia, and going white water rafting at the end of the week, made the inconveniences of the week all worth it. My Adventure WV Habitat trip helped me to learn more about myself, meet other incoming freshman with similar interests, and feel more ready…

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