What Are The Tenets Of Critical Realism

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My adherence to the tenets of critical realism informs my teaching philosophy. Using the philosophical lens of critical realism, I see that students’ background, beliefs, abilities, values, skills, engagement style, and adherence to social work values and standards are different in every class. As an instructor, I feel it is important to understand each classroom dynamics to enhance students’ learning experiences. So, my basic teaching philosophy is to understand diversity and be open to diverse means of instruction, action, expression, engagement. I see my role in the classroom as a learner and a facilitator than an expert, as I believe in reciprocal and experiential learning. Using critical and analytical thinking skills I try to challenge …show more content…
I believe that this is important to help students grow as social work professionals and comprehend their professional accountability. I emphasize to my students that having a good goal, intention, and heart may not necessarily make them competent social worker. They will have to constantly strive to achieve competencies in different areas of practice by enhancing their knowledge, skills, approach, and experience using appropriate resources, guidance and supervision. Their engagement and active participation in the classroom are important steps of becoming a professional social worker with accountability, competencies, and social work …show more content…
At the beginning of the semester, I use a structured form containing several questions to get to know my students, and understand their expectations and needs. I evaluate the progress of students’ learning two times during the semester and also use some web-based technologies to get students’ feedback from time to time to improve their learning, keep them engaged, and help them remain motivated. I provide students opportunities to express themselves in the class and discuss subject matters as well as their strengths, contradictions, and ability to handle criticism and integrate feedbacks in their learning. I try to create a welcoming classroom, communicate clear expectations, provide timely and constructive feedback, present information in a variety of methods, and provide alternate ways for students to demonstrate competence and learn well. I also try to find natural support for students in the class by pairing them with other students to enhance their learning and creativity.

I enjoy teaching. I chose to teach because I believe that my several years of experience as a clinical social worker can be leveraged by combining my philosophical and research background to serve our society well. I understand that research in our field is needed to improve

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