My Accomplishment, Expectation, Improvement Essay examples

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In this paper, I will analyze my accomplishment, expectation, improvement, the concept that were challenging to me along with concept that I have mastered throughout the course of Introduction to Communication.
On the first day of class, my expectation for this course was to help me understand who I am along with improving my communication skills. Understanding who I am is very critical for me in order to improve myself and become successful later on in the future. On the other hand, communication is a form of methods that all human used to communicate with one another. With good communication skills, it changes the ways that people interpreted each other. In the first two units of this course Commination and Culture, I have learned that languages is a form of communication that is deeply intertwined with culture; culture is embedded in language and language is the vehicle itself. Its aids in passing on stories and custom from generations to generations. This unit helped me understand that different culture has different aspect of certain things; therefore, I have to be careful on the terminology that I used every single day along with being aware of my surroundings. As the course process, I have taken a test called Myers-Briggs Type Indicator/Jung 's Typology Test to determine what type of person I am either extrovert or an introvert. According to the Myers-Briggs type indicator and Jung’s typology test, I scored really high in extrovert compared to introvert. I have…

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