My Academic Success And Success Essay

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Throughout my entire academic journey, I have been through an abundance of ups and downs. Most of my academic success and triumphs began in high school. During elementary and middle school, my academic journey was very mediocre. During high school, I achieved many things such as placing first in the districts history fair, graduating with my A.A. degree in sociology, and being captain of my high school soccer team. I also faced some very devastating challenges involving myself and my family. I am excited to continue my education and see where life will take me.
The greatest accomplishment in my academic journey that I have obtained is, graduating with my Associates degree. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Indian River State College. I started taking college classes as a Freshman in high school and pretty soon I was only taking college classes and one or two high school classes. This decision was probably the best decision I have ever made for my academic self. There are multiple reasons that contributed to obtaining my degree. Besides the fact that it was very beneficial for me, one of the reasons that really pushed me into doing well was my competitive drive against my brother. My brother was always very intelligent and was currently in the middle of obtaining his Associates degree. I set a goal that I would not only get better grades than him, but that I would get my Associates degree before him. I also pushed myself for my mother. She never obtained her degree and was…

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