My Academic Goals For A Cna At Fellowship Home On Brookside Essay

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Last name: Perkins First name: Clarissa

Do you have a nickname you prefer to go by? If so – what is it? No, I like to be referred to as Clarissa.

1. Do you have a declared major yet? If so – what is it?
As of now I am currently an Undecided student, but I am 90 percent sure I will set my major to Nursing.

2. What other classes are you taking this term? Please list by name and credit hours.
-Basketball 1300- 1
-Psych 2103- 3
-Art 2380- 2
-Spanish 2799- 2
-Stats 2620- 3
-World Lit- 3

3. Are you working? If so – how many hours? Where (on or off campus)?
Yes I am currently employed as a CNA at Fellowship Home on Brookside in Brooks County.

4. What are your academic goals for this class? Why are they your goals? Please be VERY specific.
My academic goal for this class is to pass with a decent grade and get a better understanding and concept of sociology. I have previously taken sociology but did not do to well so this is my chance to redeem myself.

5. What grade are you expecting to earn? Why?
I’m expecting to earn an A but no lower than a B. I’ve failed this course before at another school and know I can do a lot better if I put forth the effort.

6. What is your plan to earn that grade?
I plan to space out studying instead of cramping and to actually learn the material instead of just remembering it for a test. I’m sure that method will also help when it comes to the final instead of trying to learn a semester worth in a week.

7. How many hours a week do…

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