My 600 Lb Life Is A Documentary Series Airing On The Popular Network Tlc

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My 600-lb Life is a documentary series airing on the popular network TLC. The show began in 2012 and has since detailed the weight loss journeys of men and women dealing with severe obesity. Two of the women focused on in this series are Marla and Brittani. Both suffered a traumatic experience as adolescents and have since developed extreme binge eating disorders. As the cameras follow these two women before and after gastric bypass surgery, the details of their mental health begin to unfold.
In Marla’s story, at 800 pounds she is bed-bound and fed by her daughters in their home. As a young adult, she was taken hostage by an ex-boyfriend, and during the kidnapping two police officers were shot. After the ordeal, she began to cope with the trauma by binge eating, and for years has not been able to stand or take care of herself. Relying on others to get her the things she needs, her independence continued to decline, and with the advice of her doctor, she opted to undergo gastric bypass surgery. During her trip to the hospital, a blood clot dislodged resulting in a pulmonary embolism. After being admitted to ICU and eventually stabilized, the doctors performed gastric bypass without her losing weight beforehand. As she recovered from surgery, Marla began to revert to a more childlike state and refused to cooperate with her healthcare providers. After days with no sign of compliance, Marla was discharged to her daughter’s home where she continued with her previous habits for…

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