My 5 Plus Years At Successfactors: SAP, Bangalore

My 5 plus years at SuccessFactors - SAP, Bangalore

This is my last week at SuccessFactors - SAP and I believe this is the right time to share my experiences and express my gratitude. SuccessFactors builds enterprise class products in HCM/HRIS domain for its customers and offers that via SaaS model. We build solutions and products that help our customers succeed in their respective businesses. We are customer first and customer focused organization.

There are many awesome things that I liked and enjoyed here, but let me mention few important ones.

1.People and Team

This is the most crucial part that indirectly allowed me to spend these many years of my career here at SuccessFactors. We have high hiring standards and everybody around me is
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The flexibility and complete ownership of the work they do aspire them to do more, deliver more. With freedom comes great responsibly and our employees are totally aware of that. Experienced employees mostly are not micro managed and rather given freedom to build and solidify the product and features. The end goal is to make our customers succeed by improving our quality and product offerings.

I am sure the teams and individuals at SuccessFactors would continue to own and drive the disruptive and innovative ideas.

3.Impact and Visibility

In most of the big organizations, it 's hard for the business unit heads to even know about individuals working in the team. I find it interesting and inspiring that at SuccessFactors even top leadership knows many of us by our names and the work we do. If you are high performing individual and delivering your best, you won 't get unnoticed. Being recognized and known for your work/contributions is the most humbling thing for introverts like me.

Those who are making a positive impact and contributing their best are visible to everyone including the top leadership. Hope that continues and we keep recognizing, rewarding the talent.

4.Leadership and
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I 've been seeing this in action since I joined. It allowed us to become what we are today. We believe in taking calculated risks and at the same time continuously accessing and improving. Instead of hard pushing and keeping it rigid, we constantly keep improving for good. We encourage everyone to find the best possible ways to be productive and improving our communication, strategies including ourselves.

Kaizen to me is like operating in infinitely beta mode that keeps getting better and better. I am sure we 'd continue on that principle and keep improving ourselves and our processes that results in better productivity and solid products.

I am grateful for the opportunity I got to work here. I owe big thanks to the leaders and managers who believed in me, encouraged and supported me by giving opportunities to grow professionally, personally and technically. Like everything we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Not all the things are always splendid. There are instances where things don 't work the way we expected and that 's the way life is. Those can be identified and improved if we acknowledge. I feel there are still few things that can be improved and kaizen would

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