Essay about Mutant And Proud By. Raven

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Mutant and Proud

Raven possessed the power almost all young women desired - the power to manipulate her appearance and transform into whatever she wanted. She could make herself blend in or stand out. She could give herself sandy blonde hair, flawless pale skin and beautiful blue eyes. However, although her powers allowed her to effortlessly deceive anyone who laid eyes on her, she couldn 't completely deceive herself. Raven looked around enviously at all the women in the bar. They were all naturally beautiful. They didn 't need to hide hideous, bumpy blue skin and unnatural yellow eyes.

Later that night, Raven stood in the bathroom, staring at her grotesque reflection in the mirror. Though home was the only place she could reveal her true colours, she still didn 't feel completely secure. She ran her fingers slowly over the blue bumps on her face. "Mutant and proud," she said sarcastically to the mirror, mimicking the woman with hetrachromia that Charles had been flirting with at the bar. Well it 's hard to be mutant and proud when you look like this, she thought. Sure, some guys found some small mutations, like hetrachromia, intriguing, perhaps even attractive, but no man would ever want to date a red-haired, yellow-eyed, blue-skinned freak of nature.

Raven wandered out of the bathroom to where Charles sat, working feverishly on his thesis. She craved an outside opinion, someone to either confirm what she thought of herself, or tell her otherwise. "Would you date me?"…

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