Mutagenic Capabilities Of Ethyl Methanesulfonate Essay

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Mutagenic Capabilities of

Biology Lab 10501
November 30th, 2016

Lab Group: Drew Garza, Brock Morgan, Christian Chen, Daniel Lee.


INTRODUCTION Mutations are permanent changes in DNA sequence that makes up a certain gene that are caused by environmental factors or when DNA is copied in the replication phase. Mutations can range in various sizes and can affect any part of the DNA sequence. In our lab we dealt with Ethyl Methanesulfonate (EMS) and Sega (2015, p.1) stated that “Ethyl Methanesulfonate is a monofunctional methylating agent that has been found to be mutagenic in a wide variety of genetic test systems from viruses to mammals.” In addition (Cameo, p.1) stated
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typhimurium bacterial strain TA1535 in our screen for mutagens. TA1535 has acquired a missense mutations in the hisG gene which leads to leucine to proline amino acid substitutions. The result of this mutation causes it to be auxotrophic, meaning it cannot survive on its own with histidine. However, the bacteria can be capable to survive on its own in the absence of histidine if it undergoes reversions (mutations that grant them the ability to to produce histidine). In return, we can use the reversion rate to measure and calculate the mutagenic properties of our chemical Ethyl Methanesulfonate. Since EMS is proven and known to acquiring mutagenic capabilities, it should produce reversions in S.typhimurium TA1535 at a frequency comparable to other strong mutagen such as sodium azide or higher than the rate of a spontaneous …show more content…
Compared to our positive control which was sodium azide (NaN3), and negative control with water, the experimental grew similar to water. With the papers found this falls into the same pattern as other results. The substance is harmful but not enough to be of major concern at low levels, and needs repeated exposure to cause major effects. According to the literature we have found, our results conflicted with what what information we found on our mutagen Ethyl Methanesulfonate saying that it was a strong mutagen. The true long term effects of Ethyl methanesulfonate have yet to be determined. Further testing could be done by reintroducing the substance multiple times to see what repeated exposure or long term effects may

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