Mussolini And Hitler 's Fascist Movement Essay

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When discussing fascisWhen discussing fascist regimes, it is useful to keep in mind that rarely does a fascist government come to power in an industrialised and prosperous nation. Let’s look at Italy and Germany as examples of fascist regimes. Both nations were plagued with political strife, unemployment, and damage to their infrastructure after the First World War. Nations that are down for the count, where democracy or even a monarchy has failed, this is where fascism thrives. Fascism in Italy was first on the scene; it began the trend and even inspired Adolph Hitler’s fascist movement. Italian fascism can be considered the father of modern fascism, focused on bringing prestige and wealth to Italy whereas the much more successful Nazi party could be considered a “hyper-radical, exaggerated version of a new idea relentlessly pursued to its logical conclusions.” Both Mussolini and Hitler rose to power by exploiting the people’s resentment towards the decisions made at Versailles in 1919. The people of Italy and Germany felt that the resolutions were made to exploit them and keep them down while the Allies were expanding their empires and divvying up land formerly owned by the Axis powers. Both Mussolini and Hitler based their foreign policies around the idea of expanding their new empires and militarising their nations in an attempt to make their empires seem more powerful and prestigious in the eyes of the world. As you can see, both Hitler and Mussolini contradicted…

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