Essay about Muslim Women As Oppressed And Uneducated

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Several of the stereotype in the present day envisage Muslim women who wear the burka or hijab in many negative ways. Social media portray Muslim women as oppressed and uneducated. Muslim women with the burka cover are viewed as terrorist by many people. This is the misconception portrayed by media about Muslim women. However, many people began to afraid of Muslim women who cover their faces by burka or wear hijab, and look at them dreadfully. The burka is black cover that Muslim women wear based on their religion. Islam religion induces Muslim women to wear hijab and cover their bodies in public space in order to avoid sexual harassment. Unfortunately, many people believe that Islam is terrorist religion and the women who wear hijab are terrorists. This misconception about Islam religion and Muslim women is very dangerous cannot be condoned, we should address this issue, so people can understand Muslim women in the right way. The media are the main reason to distort the Islam, which portrays the Islamic religion for many people as a terrorist religion, and unfair religion for women.
At the present day, there is a huge religious prejudice in American society, and the Islamic religion is the biggest target of the media. However, the media have been shown the Muslims women who wear hijab, burqa in bad image such as terrorism.This is a big problem caused by the media, which falsification of the truth to people. Furthermore, many countries
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