Muslim Religion And Muslim Women Essay

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Most religious organizations have been unequivocally dominated by men for hundreds of years. Historically, Muslim society is significantly gender based in that it makes blatant distinctions between the roles of women and men in both religious and societal aspects. Men are regarded as the caretakers and heads of their household while women are expected to be obedient wives and mothers taking domain of the family environment. More contemporary Muslims are torn between upholding the principles on which their religion was founded, and the current shift toward feminism in Western culture. The most important and much debated question is just because Muslim women aren’t treated identically to Muslim men, does this mean they are not being treated justly? One major source of friction from the Western world about Muslim religion comes from Muslim women wearing a hijab. This type of traditional dress is often seen by outsiders as a tool utilized by Muslim men to control and silence women. However, the typical viewpoint of most Muslim men is that the wearing of a hijab preserves a Muslim man 's honor and helps to fulfill his obligation to be the protector of Muslim women. And even more interesting, Muslim women tend to view a hijab as a way to publicly broadcast their religious beliefs and show their devotion to modesty. They see it as a way to avoid provocation of men in public. Despite many criticisms of the practice of this type of dress being oppressive and detrimental to…

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