Muslim Discrimination Against Muslim Women Essay

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The Muslim religion is one of the most discriminated against minorities in the world. Many people believe that Muslim people are a threat to their society, and therefore treats them like they are inhuman and untrustworthy. Another minority that is greatly discriminated against is women. Sadly, there are people out there who have to deal with the marginalization of both women and the Muslim religion. Muslim women are treated unfairly in America (primarily after 9/11) and in their Islamic religion because many people assume that they are a threat and the Muslim religion has a strong male bias; if the media stops crucifying Muslim women and instead treats them as equals, then the world will be one step closer to ending discrimination against Muslim women.
Before September 11, 2001, discrimination against Muslim women wasn’t nearly as prominent. People were more accepting and less afraid of terrorists. In fact, “It [was] found that the connections Arab-American women [had] with their ethnicity and religion [were] not determiners of their identity” (Jolls et al. 2002). This greatly differs from today 's ideas, where people assume a Muslim woman is a terrorist because of her skin color of clothing. It was also thought by many people that, “Muslim feminism was on the rise” (Jolls et al. 2002). Many Muslim women were accepting and loving their heritage and skin color. Not only that, but also many women began to question the the influences within their culture and fight for equality.…

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