Muslim American Youth By Selcuk R Sirin Essay

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In the book titled “Muslim American Youth” by Selcuk R Sirin, he focuses on Muslims who live the aftermath of the 9/11 and as well discusses historical concept of the United States. The book is based on a research that interview young who Muslims live in the United States that face hardship because of their religion status. He indicates that in general come different background. In this essay, I will discuss the things I like about the book the concept of the othering, how some Muslims are hiding their identities and the 9/11 memorial. I admire the fact that the author kept the originality of his work regarding the narration of the interviewees. Keeping the original helps the readers to really understand the book and be able to visualize the type of people who were interviewed. Moreover, the images provided in the book help get sense of how these individuals are perceived in the American society. Another interest thing in the book is the fact that the book goes back and forth talking the history of this country. I found this interest to see the similar trend of how this country was built upon, specifically the replacement of people who are victimized of the crime they have not done. He states, “If it is not us, it is somebody else.” It is sad but true, the American society is built upon this concept. There is always that somebody that do belong to in the society. Will this system of replacement disappeared? In my point of view, it will get worse because the more the…

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