Essay about Musical Lyrics And Our Behavior

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Musical Lyrics and Our Behavior

The career field I am interested in working in is music production. More specifically, I would like to come alongside talented Christian artists to help them produce high quality electronic indie music. There is not a wide variety of quality Christian music. Because of this, people tend to listen to secular music instead, because it often sounds better and has higher quality production value. In light of this, I would like to explore the issue of how listening to some secular songs may effect your mood, behavior, and in effect your walk with Christ. Music in itself is not inherently bad. But the effect it has on its listener can be either a good or bad one. For example, if I were to listen to a song that glorifies revenge, it may give me a sense of entitlement and encourage me to pay someone back for a wrong committed against me. A common argument against this is that one can simply ignore the lyrics and enjoy the music with out any effect. It was stated in the article “The effect of auditory versus visual violent media exposure on aggressive behavior: The role of song lyrics, video clips and musical tone.” by Heidi I. Brummert Lennings and Wayne A. Warburton “In a study that controlled for aggressive musical tone, used stimuli from multiple genres, and used a behavioral measure of aggression, there was a clear effect whereby exposure to violent lyrical content elicited greater aggression than listening to the same music with no lyrical…

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