Essay on Musical Analysis Of ' The Beatles '

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Musical Analysis of “The Beatles”, the self-entitled White Album

The first song of the album, “Back in the USSR”, written by Paul McCartney, directly parodies and references the Beach Boys, with subtler allusions to Chuck Berry and Ray Charles. It is set in the key of A major and has a 4/4 meter. Song form consists of an intro, four verse sections, each followed by a refrain, a bridge that follows only the second and third refrains, and an outro. The melody is undoubtedly bluesy, but further innovates on the blues form by adding a flatted III chord into the standard three chord progression of I, IV, V. It emphasizes this flat III chord – this serves to create dissonance and lends an interesting contrast to the main A major chord structure. Harmony consists of the I, IV, V blues progression with the flat III chord given a minor support role. Chromatic scale fills are a repeated leitmotif in the bassline. At the start of the song, a jet noise is played along with a stray ad-lib guitar lick, and the V chord is played for four measures, in a way that demands resolution. The bassline provides harmonic rhythmic syncopation in the final measures of the refrain section. In the outro, the I chord is repeated four bars and the song ends abruptly. “Dear Prudence” was a song John Lennon wrote about a girl the Beatles met in India, and of their efforts to get her to leave her room and play with them. It is set in the key of D major, in the Mixolydian mode. The meter is…

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