Musical Accompaniment From The Baroque Period Essay

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In the modern era, musicians continue to play music that is reminiscent of the past. While new music is continuously produced, there is a desire to keep the musical pieces created by our ancestors alive. To honor the past, some artists have created new music that reflects the classical and baroque styles. In these pieces, the artists are free to use whichever instruments they please to create their musical effect. When a non-early music ensemble performs non-early music in the modern era, they tend to use the combination of both modern instruments, including strings and winds, and early instrument such as the harpsichord to perform early music. This allows them to create the sound of their choosing, which is reflective of artistic liberty. However, many artists prefer to use the harpsichord to play basso continuo rather than using piano to play it. It is therefore necessary to explore the relevance of this decision. Basso continuo is a form of musical accompaniment from the baroque period. In baroque music, there is always a continuous base line that sounds prominent compared to the other instruments utilized. Technically, any bass instrument can be used for this purpose. During the baroque era, the harpsichord was the main instrument used purely due to the fact that it existed when this style of music was originally produced. In the modern era, the harpsichord is less available and has been replaced by a variety of instruments to create the baseline effect. While the piano…

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