Music 's Influence On The Music Industry Essay

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Music in general has evolved so much over the years. Interesting enough many different genres of music have been added to the world of music. There have also been quite a few new sub-genres created. Even business in the music industry has changed, in the following document as a reader you will explore how country music has gone from traditional country, to what some now refer to as “Modern Country” or “Bro-Country”. The following document will not only focus on the music itself but also how is it has affected the artistry in the craftsmanship of country music as a whole.

Traditional country music has had an unmentioned, yet noticeable set of norms and standards throughout the history of country music. Take the lyrics of traditional country music for example. In traditional country music songs had meaning to them, each song told a story. To be completely fair, modern country songs do tell stories, they just do not have the same depth to the story. It was not the story people in today society think they were, the stories that were told were ones about hard times, and how they would recover. Country music stood for the people who knew what an honest day of work was. Country music was never the genre one would find in a place or facility for the higher classes of society. Traditional country music stood for something, it was not about who looked the best or who sold the most albums. Country music talked about life and religion, and southern values. The artist of country…

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