Music 's Influence On My Life Essay

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Music has always played a big role in my life. Having been a dancer since the age of three I have come to appreciate and interpret many styles of music. As a dancer, I am able to use the music in a way that tells a story and portrays a certain emotion. Music much like dance is both an art form while still being able to fall into everyday life. I would define music as an expression of one 's emotions summed up in a two minute composition. I can definitely say I have personally had an aesthetic experience while listening to music. For me its the certain rush of emotion you feel when you find a song that interprets everything you so desperately want to say but haven 't been able to find the right words for. For example, if your going through a hard time in your life and you listen to a sad song it can make your experience feel relatable. It creates this exchange between you and the artists who can feed off of each others similar experiences. It ultimately gives you a sense that you are not alone and provides comfort. Music has been and always will be an inevitable part of our daily life.
In recent years schools have started to cut funding for music programs in numerous states. A lot of administers and board members seen no real use in a musical education. Are they wrong? I’d like to think so. Music has a proven impact on a child 's learning ability. It is great for memorizing and learning new material. Through music children are able to learn at a young age how to express…

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