Essay Music 's Influence On Fashion

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Music 's influence on Fashion Music has been around since the beginning of time. Its influence on people and events are what make it so different and unique. People are heavily influenced by music and listen to it nearly everyday. With music being so popular throughout the decades it’s inevitable that major events and even eras in time are heavily influenced by it. Music 's influence on eras in time is huge, it shows how much we have grown throughout the years and what we came from. It also helped to build the society we live in today with people being influenced by past generations and trying to bring old trends back to life. Fashion is one of those trends that is very influenced by music. If we look throughout the generations we can see obvious trends and fashion statements that originate from a popular music artist or a point in time where a certain genre of music was very popular. Three generations that are significant for the influence that music, and leading musical artists has had are, the seventies, the eighties, and the present day. They all have similarities but also have significant differences that set them apart.
Music influence on the seventies was huge, it’s the introduction of the bell bottom jeans, and the psychedelic hippie style we all know today. A big musical influence in the seventies was David Bowie. David Bowie was a leader of the glam rock era also known as glitter rock. Glam rock is defined as, “a style of rock music first popular in the…

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