Music 's Impact On Psychological Development Essay

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In history, Music was a great role in various aspects. The combination of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color. The music is an unlimited source of nutrient to our humanity. Throughout the history, it is used for entertainment, helping people go through tragic times, and to control their emotions. As Behavioral psychology develops, they find out that music has a great impact on Psychological development in people. Also, some of counseling Psychologist uses the method of musical therapy to help cure anger issues. However, music has a positive impact on psychological behavior on people to the point that they underestimate the danger that it can prevent us from developing our concentration and personalities by adapting to the music to improve their mental well-ness that eventually makes it essential to their life style as “over usage”, and let lyrics and genre of the music construct the individual’s personality as “misusage”. From various reasons of musical impact, it can be viewed as in biopsychosocial perspective (Biological, psychological, and social cultural).
People listen to their music everywhere. As they listening to music it is almost mandatory for everyone to use their headphone or earphone, to not disturb other people’s area by creating their own music space with the earphones. However, by hearing music in high volume, your body naturally reacts to it. Sometimes it reacts to it in a negative way. Studies have shown that if you listen to music at a moderate to loud…

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