Music Works Have Been Played At Sayles Hall Essay

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Concert Report
Some of the best classical music works have been played at Sayles Hall by the Brown University Orchestra. Sayles Hall, founded in 1881, is one of the oldest buildings still being used in the university. Designed in a Romanesque style, the east end of the Sayles Hall is an ambient wooden interior with high ceilings and a stage for performances. The stage is small, with just enough room for the performers with a white backdrop that brightens up the room and at the same time enhances focus from the audience. Its semicircular shape facing the audience opens up the flow of every played note to be received by the audience. One thing the setup of the stage does is to capture the attention of the audience form the moment they enter the room until the end with the utmost simplicity of the way it is raised a pace away from where the audience in the first row are seated. The lighting of the hall itself also focuses on the performance space as the light dimmed before the performance begins with the promise of a fully intense and crisp concert.
Attending this performance was a welcome break from the chilly weather all week as some of the socio-politically directed classical music works were showcased. With Paul Philips as the conductor, I was looking forward to enjoying the concert program of three pieces. The first piece was Mendelssohn’s Ruy Blas Overture, a dramatic presentation that was followed by Variation a semitonal by Stravinsky. Then Wang Lu’s Fathertongue was…

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