Essay on Music With A Slow Rhythm

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• This playlist is aimed to assist removing a person from a negative headspace or despondence, lacklustre feelings to a buoyant, motivated state. Music with a slow rhythm begins the playlist to draw out negative emotions, and then transitions into songs of a combined jauntier and sombre note as a bridge between the first and last songs. Finally, it concludes with songs with a faster rhythm, crying out voices, primarily used as a cathartic headspace. Primarily, by enveloping themselves into these songs, listeners will explore their emotions and by belting out lyrics, they will expel their negative feelings.
• Looking at the songs with the most plays in iTunes, scouring previous created playlists, and then putting the selected songs in a combined playlist began the construction of this playlist. From the created playlist, songs were collected within similar tempos and genres, narrowed down to 10 by looking at personal use within the specified aim, then put in an order with a gradually building cadence. The beginning and final stages of the playlist are designed to contrast yet mirror each other.
Bendeth, D., Gaskarth, A. (2009). Therapy [Recorded by All Time Low]. On Nothing Personal [CD] Los Angeles, CA: Hopeless Records.
• To initiate the playlist, ‘Therapy’ is pop-punk twist on a self-deprecating ballad but with ultimately an aim to empower their listeners. It sets the overall tone, with lyrics plainly stating the singer’s intent to be self-sufficient, “love yourself so…

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