Music Therapy Should Not Be Confused With Music Essay example

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Art modalities are complementary or alternative therapies in which a therapeutic

relationship is established to improve an individual’s situation. There are various types of art

modalities that can be utilized in the health care field. The art modality of music therapy has

been shown to have a positive effect on expecting mothers and patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Music therapy may decrease labor pains and postpartum blues in women. Additionally,

in patients with Alzheimer’s disease may show decreased signs of anxiety and


Music therapy is the use of music and its elements such as tempo, sound, rhythm, and melody to have an emotional, behavioral or cognitive effect on the patient. Music therapy is an evidence based health profession and is practiced by a licensed music therapist. In many cases,

music therapist will play an instrument to elicit a certain response from a patient. Additionally,

music therapy should not be confused with music intervention. Music intervention is presenting recorded music to an individual, is virtually free and can be implemented by any caregiver

including health care providers. Music chosen for interventions should be pleasing to a patient

but music elements should still be regarded

Pregnancy and labor are physiological events that are taxing and produce anxiety and

stress for a woman. Anxiety may cause irregularities in cardiovascular system such as irregular

heart rate and hypertension. Music therapy…

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