Music Therapy On Aiding Mental Illnesses And Disabilities Essay

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Music therapy on aiding mental illnesses and disabilities
Music therapy is one of the most common treatments to a faster recovery for heartbreak; the reason for joy and happiness, it can even help treat mental and physical diseases. The impact of music therapy is shown to be helpful for mental and physical diseases and can prevent pain from medical conditions. There are other ways doctors and patients undergo to help manage stress or pain; such as, medical treatments that involve taking pills or surgery. But music is proven to help prevent further pain from spreading whether mental or physical. Others might suggest that music does absolutely nothing in preventing pain and stress management, but many studies show how far music therapy has come and have actually saved many ill patients. Although some believe music does not help medical conditions because it is not a prescribed medical drug for patients who suffer from mental and physical pain, a closer look reveals how closely music therapy can be used to re-route the direction of pain and stress to a minimum.
Music has been valued for its therapeutic properties based on the psychological and physiological responses in humans. However, the theories behind the psychological and physiological responses to music have been poorly identified. Without any explanation, a concept can be misunderstood, receding the importance for application to nursing research and practice. A review of recent nursing and health-related literature…

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