Music : The Music I Hate Essay

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The Music I Hate
Although I appreciate a large variety of music, I do not normally listen to the Blues Brothers or other songs from blues musicians. I normally do not listen to this type of music because I have always thought of it as very slow and too different to enjoy the songs from a time period very different than mine. Another reason I prefer not to listen to blues music is because I never had much access to it while growing up. It is difficult to develop an appreciation for music that has not been exposed to you. Most blues songs I have listened to normally have simple lyrics from a more simple period in time. Although I have always recognized the melody in this genre is very different from others it is still something I have never enjoyed. Blues music typically contains the twelve bar blues progression and includes chants that go along with the song in order to develop a smooth rhythm. Blues music is a very spiritual music that African Americans used to describe their life struggles. The Blues Brothers are a blues band that performed long before I was even born. Therefore, I am unable to connect to the lyrics and the message of the song and enjoy the music. The slow and steady pace of blues is something that I do not enjoy; I feel as if too many of the songs I have listened to from this style are slow paced songs, with percussion instruments playing and more than on vocalist singing. Overall blues music is something I have not experienced much of, it resembles a lot…

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