Essay on Music : The Function Of Music

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The function of music in music therapy
Review the development of music, music changes along with the development of society which can be called the evolution of music. The place where people come together for any reason has music there: ceremony, funeral, wedding and etc, even though in the early period of music, music just started by some simple and coarse instruments, for example: bone flutes and tree stumps. With the development of times, music as a part of people’s life which is given more and more roles in the society. At present, music is applied extensively in education, commercials, media, medicine or other regions. So what is music? Any sounds actually constructed by some basic elements: loudness, pitch, contour, duration (or rhythm), tempo, timbre, spatial location, and reverberation. (Daniel J. Levitin 2006, p.14) The important is the relationship between these elements. As Daniel J. Levitin pointed out that when these basic elements combine and form relationships with one another in a meaningful way, they give rise to higher-order concepts such as meter, key, melody, and harmony (2006, p16). In this process, our brains organize these fundamental perceptual elements to from those concepts just as melody, meter, key and harmony that we are actually receiving, our cognitive mechanisms fuse them to be an ensemble which is the sounds we ultimately perceiving. The relationship between these fundamental elements is also a key that distinguish music and…

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