Music Scene Analysis

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At the movie theaters, the most intense scene is playing, as the villain seems to have won and the girl is dying. The theater is in tears, on the edge of their seats. Will the girl live? Will the villain get away with it? Now take away the music. Most people find that the scene has lost most of the emotion, and interest in what will happen next fades. The eyes of the people are far from welling up with tears. Why is this so? Music is a huge part of expressing the emotions of the movie to the viewer, and without it, many of the most powerful scenes in movies are much less effective. Imagine Darth Vader entering the scene, with zero music. Not as intimidating, right? People tend to take this music for granted, thinking nothing of the many hours …show more content…
We spend at least eight hours a day on a field for a week in July for band camp, and even when we come off the field, we spend even more time together. We have three and a half hour practices every Monday night, an hour of class time Monday through Friday, Friday night football games, and on Saturdays and Sundays there are competitions with bus rides that last hours. On top of that, most sections in the band have sectionals for around two hours once a week, in addition to everything else. For me, it’s a lifestyle, and I love every minute of it. Most bands use the term family a lot, because when you spend that much time together, you find some of the best friends you will ever make, and you form some kind of relationship with every single player, whether you talk to them or not. So when these programs are taken away from these students, or when they are made to feel embarrassed about having this passion, it’s heartbreaking. So much time and effort is put into these programs, and it often goes unappreciated. They work for hours to represent their school with pride, and yet often do not receive a single congratulations from anyone not directly involved with the

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