Essay about Music : Music Or Business?

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Music or Business?
Since its inception in the society, music industry has shown tremendous transformation, concerning the artists, labels, and marketing what is demarcated as music business is not the trade of solely making songs but also a platform to monetize an artist success. The three sources Chief Keef by Hopper,The and the science of Global Pop Domination by Noris,and The Doctor is in by Seabrook entail themes such as; the business aspect in the music industry should be scrutinized due to the major negative and positive impacts played by record labels on the commerce of music, authenticity of the artist that is capable of benefitting the record, and lastly, the concern that the artist is often advertised for profit, which are vital elements to determining the music landscape.A successful outcome of an artist progress is the ability to advertise and monetize the artist growth. Undeniably, with all the techniques to grasp a listener, just like other businesses, the music industry found innovated ways to market their artist to the public.
Record labels market and promote the artist development by using different tools to get the artist music publicize. Music, as well as its recorded objects, reformed to be a creation, a piece that could be purchased, transacted, retailed, and reran ceaselessly in any situation (Seabrook pg3-6.) Artist who contradict these ideas have the ability to dictate and essentially become the record label can set these artists apart from…

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