Essay Music Is a Unique Expression of the Human Condition

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Music is a unique expression of the human condition Music is an extremely important part of human life and has been part of human life for thousands of years. Music can be linked with many different art forms such as art and language; these too are distinct expressions of humans. This particular expression has survived and outlived ancient languages and could possibly be older than any form of language we know. It also serves the same purpose as language, to convey meaning. Music is a way of bringing people together, and is used as a social ritual. In human life music is part of culture and it is also important historically. Music also contributes to the economy, as it is a means of making money as well as part of human leisure. It …show more content…
Music is also a learned behaviour as people teach each other and pass down musical traditions through the generations. Some musical traditions can only survive this way, as they are not written traditions; however, they are no less important than written music. This learned behaviour is acquired at a young age. Mothers sing to their infants and this is also a way of teaching them how to talk, again underlining music’s important role in communication. Blacking also goes on to say that music is a product of human groups, which range from formal groups such as an orchestra to informal like Irish sessions performed in pubs. This underlines how music separates people into social classes. Humans also react naturally to music through dance, and also use dance as a way to make music, like tribes in African countries. Some dances are very complicated and provide interesting rhythms to create or add to music. Conductors of orchestras also use their bodies to instruct, almost like a form of dance. Dance embodies music and is a way of making music visible. Dance and music are crucial in social situations as they bring people together. Music has long been described as a ‘universal language’ as all human beings have some musical understanding, however this varies greatly. And just as each culture has a spoken language; its music also has a specific style that can only be understood through learning about that specific culture, like learning a

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