Essay about Music Is Not Just Noise

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What is Music? When words fail, music speaks. Music is an unavoidable part in everyone’s life. Whether its music you play by personal choice or music you hear in supermarkets or on the radio in the car. Society is all about music. Music has been a part of every culture; it has been there from the beginning of time and will be there at the end. Music is not just noise, music is another language to express your thoughts and your personality, it is a type of therapy and motivator, and it is a form of connection between people. Music is an expression, an expression to let out our own thoughts and feelings out. After a rough day, driving home from work or school, you may need a moment to yourself. You remember how bad you did on that Math test and how your boss at work just yelled at you, so how about clicking that Pandora app and listening to some rock or rap to express how crushed you are about your day. Not only can music be used to show your self-expression but it can also prove to other people about your personality. In the online article “The Content and Validity of Music-genre Stereotypes Among College Students,” Peter J. Rentfrow and Samuel D. Gosling say, “Individuals actively solicit information about others’ music preferences in order to learn something about them: witness, for example, the numerous online dating services that ask users to list their favorite styles of music.” Listening to Eminem and Adele can show two very different personalities in a person,…

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