Essay on Music Is Not A Popular Music

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I was very excited for this trip the most since its a music event plus it something different compared to the kind of music I grow up with. Jazz is not a popular music where I am from However with the internet as well as the tv I had the chance to introduced to this style of music. I find jazz music different than any other music its very relaxing as well as enjoyable. I was expecting to listen to a typical american jazz with the common typical instrument such as Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet and Flute. However I was kind of confused by the type of music I heard at that play First I was surprised they didn 't use saxophone which for me is the focal point of any jazz play. To be honest I think the play was more as rock and roll other than a typical jazz I missed seeing the The stylish, expensive looking instruments such as the gold trumpet piece which is the main feature for most jazz play. The most things I realized at the play which make me think of it as a rock as when Trumpet is the main feature of jazz music while rock they uses electric guitars instead of the trumpet which is the main future of jazz music while the electric guitars know more as main feature to the rock music. Also the main play was kind of loud and energetic while jazz music usually is known for their lower in pitch. The group communicate with each other in very basic way however there was a harmony between them specially between James and Genus and the drummer Cliff Almond they way they…

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